Mme Itamonica Dawe Paris France ~ Dun Dealgan County Louth Ireland 1958 ~ 2007
Hommage de respect à la mémoire Mme Itamonica DAWE notre soeur
Hulde van eerbied aan het geheugen van Itamonica Dawe onze zuster
Chomhartha urraime do chuimhne Itamonica NiDeaghaidh ár deirfiúr
Tribute of respect to the memory of Itamonica Dawe our sister
Tributo del respecto a la memoria de Itamonica Dawe nuestra hermana
Tribute av respect till minnet av Itamonica Dawe vår sister
Tributo di rispetto alla memoria della Itamonica Dawe la nostra sorella
Tribut des respektes zum gedächtnis des Itamonica Dawe unsere schwester
Tributo do respeito à memória da Itamonica Dawe nossa irmã
尊敬进贡对Itamonica Dawe 小姐记忆我们的姐妹
尊敬進貢對Itamonica Dawe 小姐記憶我們的姐妹
さんのItamonica Dawe 記憶への点の捧げ物私達の姉妹
미스의 기억에 존경ItamonicaDawe의 공물 우리의 자매
Дань уважения к памяти моего Итамонича Даше сестры
تحية احتراما لذكرى الانسه يتامونيكا ديوي الشقي
Ένας φόρος τιμής του σεβασμού στη μνήμη της Δεσποινίσς Itamonica Dawe η αδελφή μας
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Mme Itamonica DAWE, "Studio B", 
1 rue Maître Albert, 
Saint Therese of Lisieux: Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of our sister Mme Itamonica Dawe "Studio B" 1 rue Maître Albert Ile-de-France Paris France
In Loving Memory of

Mme Itamonica Dawe

rue Maître Albert, Paris, Ile-De-France, France.

Who Died On
23rd January 2007

Rest in Peace

Happy the one who placed her trust in the Lord.

It does not take a special day
For us to think of you
Each Mass we hear, each prayer we say
Is offered up for you

Your life was one of kindly deeds,
A helping hand for others' needs,
Sincere and true in heart and mind,
Beautiful memories left behind.

No matter how life changes,
No matter what we do,
A special place within our hearts
Is always kept for you Itamonica
Rest in Peace

His garden must be beautiful,
He only takes the best.
The Golden gates stood open,
God saw you needed rest,

The hill was hard to climb,
God saw the road was getting rough,
He gently closed your weary eyes,
and whispered 'Peace be Thine'.

Deep are the memories,
Precious they stay,
No passing of time
Can take them away.

grant me the Serenity
to accept the things 
I cannot change~~~
Courage to change
the things I can 
and Wisdom
to know the difference.
Glóir don Athair agus don Mhac agus don Spiorad Naomh
Gloire au Père et au Fils et au Saint-Esprit
Please Pray for the happy repose of the Soul of our Sister Itamonica
Please say a Prayer for the happy repose of the Soul of our Sister Itamonica
Lúireach Phádraig 
Críost liom,
Críost romham,
Críost i mo dhiaidh,
Críost istigh ionam,

Críost fúm,
Críost os mo chionn,
Críost ar mo lámh dheas,
Críost ar mo lámh chlé,

Críost i mo lúi dom,
Críost i mo sheasamh dom,

Críost i gcrói gach duine atá ag cuimhneamh orm,
Críost i mbéal gach duine a labhráionn lom,
Críost i ngach súil a fhéachann orm,
Críost i ngach cluas a éisteann liom.

Saint Patrick's Breastplate
Christ with me,
Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ within me,

Christ below me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right hand,
Christ on my left hand,

Christ in my sleeping,
Christ in my waking,

​Christ in the heart of all who think of me,
Christ in the mouth of all who speak of me,
Christ in every eye that looks at me,
Christ in Every ear that listens to me.
Saint Nicholas: According to local Irish legend, Saint Nicholas is buried in County Kilkenny. The grave is said to be in the ruined Church of St Nicholas, Jerpoint. 
Saint Gobnait: Saint Gobnait was born in County Clare in the 5th or 6th Century. The main centres of devotion to Saint Gobnait are Inis Thiar (Aran Islands), Dún Chaoin in West Kerry and Baile Bhúirne near the Cork / Kerry border. She is venerated as an Irish Saint whose feast day 11th February is given national rather than just local recognition.  
 'the Trinity harp': the harp dates from the fourteenth or fifteenth century was presented to Trinity College Dublin by William Conyngham in 1782 where it can now be viewed in the Long Room Library.
The Book of Saint Columba: Leabhar Cheanannais is on permanent display at Trinity College Library, Dublin. 
Guagán Barra
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Saint Mochta whose feast day is commemorated on August 19
Saint Benignus feast day November 9th 
Saint Denis Bishop of Paris feast day October 9th 
Inis Thiar: 8 March 1960, Finnis Rock. The crew of eleven sailors were safely and successfully taken off the cargo vessel with the assistance of the Inis Thiar Islanders using a rocket line and breeches buoy. 
Palaeoenvironmental Research OEG 
Tobar Naomh Eonain: Toberona, Castletown.
Naomh Eonain 24th June, Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist
Castletown River
Saint Nicholas's
Faughart: Faughart Contae Lughaidh

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Feast Day November 15th

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